So, as I mentioned before, I left behind a few things I was planning to pick up to try and make sure that our lovely, loyal customers could get their hands on some comics, but fear not, I still have plenty to review. I’ll try to make these nice and succinct so it isn’t a giant wall of text.

Suicide Squad is one I had to leave on the shelf. I did a really quick read through, though. Harley is a different character from the one we’re familiar with but some key things about her are still intact and I’m interested to see where they go with her. She still has a brilliant sense of humor, it’s just much darker. It’s worth noting that inside the book her costume looks a lot less ready to fall off. I mean, the corset is actually laced and not just barely covering her nipples like the covers have suggested. I still enjoyed what I saw.

Green Lantern I love what a clear grasp Geoff Johns has on the characters, their wants, motivations and attitudes. It’s fun to see Hal trying to adjust to normal life and after spending months in space, trying to shirk off everyday responsibilities. Carol Ferris is strong and independent. This series looks like it will be fun, even though I’ve never been much of a Hal Jordan fan, I would still suggest it.

Red Lanterns has a really fantastic start and ends decently but the middle just sort of lulls. It’s a bit too much text and backstory, which although interesting, isn’t the sort of thing that gets your blood pumping and makes you crave the next issue. I would still recommend flipping through it and making up your own mind. I know Ed Benes isn’t to everyones’ taste, but I enjoy his style. Milligan is pretty hit or miss for me. His run on X Statix is one of my favorite comics ever. I’ll stick around for a few more issues to see if this shapes up to be as exciting.

Batman and Robin Bruce and Damian sure do bicker a lot. I really hope this series is going to see a development of their relationship and not just the two of them stuck fighting each other instead of villains the whole time. I think it is very realistic of who they are and I just want to hug poor Damian because all he wants is his dad’s approval. There are some really great lines in this issue and while the art isn’t phenomenal, it is nice.

Resurrection Man is an interesting concept and the art is nice as well. I love stories dealing with mythology and this man seems to be on the run from angels and demons. You really just get thrown into the story without too much explanation, which I like. I want to find out what happens next. It’s a serious book, but you’ll also find yourself chuckling throughout.

Superboy is beautiful. It’s the same artist who did the Jimmy Olsen back-up and I really enjoy his style. Personally, I miss 90’s Kon and was getting pretty bored with the Smallville Connor Kent (although I loved the arc Geoff Johns did with him) I really enjoyed this one and plan to continue reading the series. This comic takes some surprising twists and I am so excited to see Rose Wilson in the DcNu. Also, potentially Caitlin Fairchild of Gen13. I think the best part of this issue was the characterizations. I can’t wait to see them interact some more.

Demon Knights is not what I expected. I loved this one as well. The banter is hilarious and forgive me, but Jason Blood is a hottie. I really liked the art in this one and it has a slight medieval feel to it. All of these characters look like they’ll be a lot of fun. Madame Xanadu is sassy and strong, I love her so much. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Batwoman is exquisite. That is all. No, seriously, this book was worth the wait. The artwork is phenomenal, the story is interesting. Easily my favorite book of the reboot. Maybe my favorite book of the last year. Also, be on a lookout for a character you will know if you’re a Williams III fan.Seriously, why are you even still reading this? Call your LCS and pick a copy up.

What have you guys read? what are you enjoying? What are you hating?

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