This is another one of my favorite books. I’ve been hooked since Dark Wolverine. I was so sad to see Marjorie Liu leave and was bracing myself for this book to be on the downslide. It has been quit the opposite, actually.

The marvel art style in most books isn’t usually to my taste and I had to sort of adjust but I just love this character that much. I’m actually really impressed by this latest art team. They don’t draw Daken like the pretty boy that he is in my head but what they do draw are fantastic scenes if how he sees the world. For those of you not following along, Daken is the son of Wolverine and has almost the same skill set. However, Daken is like the spoiled rich child with daddy issues who is constantly getting into trouble in order to attract attention. During his latest stunt he has gotten himself hooked on a drug that inhibits his healing abilities. When Daken is high on Heat (the named of the drug) the lines in the art get a bit crazy and everything gets a skritchy red  and yellow glow to it. We slip out of his hallucinations and back into the real world and the lines tighten and become more realistic and the colors fade to normalcy.

Daken is one of those books that just leaves you craving more. You put it down and immediately want to know what comes next. More than once I have found myself driven to pick up old issues and reread them to sate my hunger for a new issue. Every time I finish an issue, I feel like my world is just a bit off kilter and my nerves are humming.

The story is good. Daken is such a fun bastard to read about, especially for those of you who are craving a bit of a wild side to your antiheroes. He’s fun and snarky and the way the comic is written, you don’t know anything unless Daken knows it first. I think this really suits the character and sort of builds the suspense. This issue finally answers the question of who the Claws Killer is and you might be a bit surprised by the answer.

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